The rice is whitened very gently between grinding wheel & screen without distracting the original shape of rice. A specially designed aspiration system takes away the bran produced during whitening process. This vertical rice whitening machine is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting degree of whiteness. The accurate & precise assembly techniques ensure lowest broken content.



These cleaners are used to remove the foreign material such as dusts, stones and sand from rice. This process increases the life of rubber rollers and the percentage of oil in bran that further assures to clean paddy out of it. It is ensured to deliver high performance and is thus, widely appreciated by our clients for its low maintenance and cost-effective prices. Due to all these reasons, we are now counted as one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of Paddy Pre-cleaner in the domestic market.



De-Stoners are very popular among Rice Millers due to their simple and high efficiency of de-stoning. These are excellent to remove stones and all impurities from grains. These are easy to operate and have higher perfection.Stones are let out from the machine on its own.Cleans the grains to the highest accuracy.During working, no flying dusts are emitted.Grain is not let out with stones.Suitable for rice, paddy and all grains.



The Paddy separator uses the differences in specific gravity, grain length and the co-efficient of friction to separate paddy and brown rice. The oscillation and slope of the tray forces the brown rice to move up the slope and the paddy to slide down. The separation performance of this type of paddy separator is very good.



Thickness/Width Grader applies mainly to remove immature kernels from rice in rice processing. Due to be more helpful for later processing, the machine improves effect for processing technique of rice greatly.The screens are made of perforated steel plate, durable and good effect.



We use Water Polisher for polishing the rice surface by spraying water through the mixing chamber and by creating friction among rice grains using milling rollers. The weight controlled outlet of the polisher controls the retaining time of kernels inside the milling chamber.



It contains optical type and CCD type; No matter which type is it, the basic working principle is: the color difference between good rice and bad(unwanted) rice. At last, when the electronic current is "safe", there is nothing happens and rice will successfully fall down to the accepted oputlet; but if the electronic current is "dangerous", the ejector will be driven to blow away the bad or unwanted materials.

For Quality & Standards


Polished Rice is shifted in sifter to remove large, middle small and light impurities from Rice.

Lenght Grader

Then Rice is shifted to length grader in which broken rice are seprated/ lifted until a point is reached where the Rice is dislodged by gravity in a collection trough & discharged through .

Rice Packing Process


We are offering our client an excellent quality range of Rice Packaging Bags. Attractive Printed & Laminated Metalized Bags with Windows .